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Bali Star Hotel
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Book now for period 23/08/14 - 04/09/14 and for 5+ nights and win a 25%  discount
In an 2,500 square meter area in front of the hotel there stretches a beautiful garden verdant with olive trees and carobs, characteristic samples of Mediterranean flora. With the deck chairs, available with compliments to the hotel’s guests, this is the ideal place to relax, on the grass which ensures the precious dew even on the hottest days. An oasis for adults, but also for our younger friends who can play with safety in a space immediately adjacent to the sea. Swings, teeters, houses and trampolines, selected based on the strictest international standards are at their disposal.
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Bali Star  Hotel, Bali, Crete, Greece P.O.Box 74057,  Email:  info@balistar.gr  Tel:  +30 28340 94212
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Balistar Hotel Bali, Hotel Rethymno, Hotel Crete, Hotel Kreta, Greece
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