Each corner of Crete has something delectable to offer and Bali, in the region of Crete's Rethymno, is no exception with its traditional Greek meals slathered in unique twists and special flavours. Cretan cuisine is rooted in nature, with seasonal green produce, fresh and local seafood and meat, and the secret to all, Cretan olive oil, the liquid gold
of the Mediterranean.

Experience the purity of taste, ingredients of the highest quality, all-round freshness, and the traditional flavours from the Cretan countryside – with its aroma of wild herbs and flowers – at one of the many restaurants or tavernas. Taste the distinguished and traditional Cretan cuisine’s farm-to-table goodness at our on-site restaurant at Bali Star Resort Hotel and at Mambo Beach Bar with its relaxing atmosphere and impeccable views. Don’t leave Crete without trying signature cheeses, dolmades, dakos, fresh snails, the variety of seafood, Cretan wine and the local drink, raki.