There are more than 50 hiking trails scattered around the region of Rethymno, offering you scenic loops across the mountainous terrain with waterfalls, streams and vistas showcasing the best nature has to offer.

Tackle the moderate 9.4 km trail of Palm Beach and Preveli Gorge, offering you unsurpassed views of Crete’s landscape and the crystal-clear sea through a densely vegetated path along the river.

The Psiloritis route grants you mesmerising views of Creta’s highest mountain, Mount Ida at 2 456 m. When you see the landscape, the uphill walk is worth every step you will take. The 4 km route takes about 5 hours to complete and remember to pack some windproof clothes as it can get quite chilly at the summit.

For an easy and short hike of 3 km, get your walk-on on the scenic Timios Stavros. Is it possible to supply some names of hiking routes in the area? There is not enough info available in English to get the search going.